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Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art




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Special guests

Luca Pancrazzi 1:1

event site and dates

Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (Zurab Gallery)   4 march 2007 — 1 april 2007


  • Oxana Maleeva


  • Marco Rossi (Italy)

coordination and PR

  • Teresa Mavica (Moscow)

project description

Luca Pancrazzis point of view, which turns upside down normal visions, has stimulated our fantasy along routes and thoughts about the present. Nothing in this world is completely identical for the reason that two bodies cannot take up one and the same place. Each body is identical to itself only. These words of the Florentine mathematician Corrado Brodgi can be taken as an epigraph to this artists creation. The project 1:1 is a work on perception. An image reflecting itself in an unfaithful mirror, which shows imperfect data, blotches, distorted perspectives. An object that has a memory and is born again. What is important is not what and how I see, but rather the relationship between the thing that I see and me personally. We receive visual images from a single element or groups of elements; whether they are manifestations of nature or of human beings. Can we decode it? And with what degree of distortment? Luca Pancrazzi offers us the chance to reflect on this subject of perception.

organisation and production

  • Angleshots Milan, Roberta Galiazzo, Michele Prevato, Simona Sanvito

press office

  • Diana Marrone pr/undercover

promoted and supported by

  • Moscow City Council, Committee for Culture
  • Russian Academy of the Arts
  • Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Italian Embassy in Moscow
  • Italian Institute for Culture in Moscow

under the patronage of

  • ICE Italian Institute of Foreign Commerce

supported by

  • Maserati

A full-length article about the project will be in the catalogue of the 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art which is coming out on the 1st March.

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