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Special projects

History and Theory of Video Art in the Cine Fantom Club

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Cine Fantom Club   28 february 2007 — 7 march 2007


  • Andrey Silvestrov
  • Anna Zaitseva
  • Lenka Kabankova

project description

Film and video structure our experience in a linear way simply because they are moving images on a strip of emulsion. They create a story out of everything because it is inherent in the medium and in the structure of montage. But, of course, we experience time in a much more complex way. The question for me is, How can I break through this idea, which is reinforced constantly? How can I make time somehow collapse or expand, so that it no longer unfolds in this one narrow form? This is Doug Aitkens recent comment on his own work taken from Daniel Birnbaums essay Chronology which is about time, phenomenology and beyond. Issued in Russian for the first time, this essay became the intellectual starting point for the programme he has put together for the CINE FANTOM Club which will be displayed at The Biennale.

28 March, at 20.00
Daniel Birnbaum. Chronology. NLR, 2007

Organiser: New Literary Review Publishing House

2 March, at 20.00
VALIE EXPORT. The Practice of Love. 19841985

Supported by the City of Vienna Town-Hall and the Embassy of Austria to the Russian Federation

4 March, at 20.00
40 years of videoart.de (1963-2004).Digital Archive

Organiser: Goethe-Institute / National Centre for Contemporary Arts

7 March, at 20.00
Collective Actions. The Barrel Action, 1985

Video documentation of the action The Barrel. The slide-film shown to the viewers was composed of factual and artistic material from the A group, Russian World and Jupiter actions, augmented by visual and audio sequences made specifically for The Barrel as a separate action.

A full-length article about the project will be in the catalogue of the 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art which is coming out on the 1st March.

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